The Canary Islands are known as "The Fortunate Islands", among other reasons because of their subtropical climate of eternal spring. All of them are of volcanic origin, which has made the landscapes and relief spectacular. Volcanic nature, dream beaches, leisure, rest, unique landscapes, tranquility, delicious cuisine, desert landscapes, forests, architecture, hiking trails ... you will find everything in the Canary Islands. 


The island of Tenerife is an off-road destination. That is to say, it is suitable for all tastes. Nature, family, sport, culture, couples, beaches... Tenerife is an island that has everything: from enormous beaches in the area of Los Cristianos to lush laurel forests in the mountains of Anaga. Tenerife is an island full of charming riches. It is life, it is the history of its people, natural spaces, biodiversity, spectacular viewpoints, laurel forests, incredible landscapes, impossible cliffs, and a lot of gastronomy

Gran Canaria

In Gran Canaria, centuries of history and natural spaces of great beauty are mixed. It is the third largest island in the whole archipelago and although none of the four National Parks in the Canary Islands are located here, approximately 40% of its territory enjoys some kind of environmental protection. Its ravines and mountains of lush vegetation are mixed with desert areas in the south of the island. A whole variety of landscapes that make you fall in love.


Incredible beaches, exotic animals, lunar landscapes, volcanoes, sea of clouds, amazing sunsets, starry skies or castles are just some of the things that the island of Lanzarote has to offer.The extraordinary climate is joined by a unique gastronomy, sustainable, linked to the territory, rich in products and creating a landscape. The result could not be more gratifying, and Lanzarote has the gift of that vigorous Altlántico that provides you with fresh and tasty fish and seafood.


A wonderful place with a very rich biodiversity and history. In fact, it has been declared a Unesco Biosphere Reserve. Contrary to what many may believe, it is the second largest island in the Canary Islands. Its natural beauty, together with its history, leaves us a beautiful island full of charms to be discovered. More than 150 beaches, with 3,000 hours of sunshine a year and a naturally peaceful atmosphere invite the visitor to enjoy Fuerteventura.

La Gomera

La Gomera is a natural paradise to be discovered and is waiting for you to enjoy a unique experience that you will not forget. Geologically speaking it is the oldest island of the archipelago with two million years since its last volcanic eruption, this fact has given it a series of characteristics produced mainly by erosion, which has formed spectacular ravines, impressive volcanic pythons exposed on the surface and marine cliffs of unique beauty.

La Palma

Known as the Isla Bonita or Isla Verde, it is a haven of peace in the middle of the Atlantic; a small place where sea, volcano and mountain landscapes contrast and which conquers by its exquisite gastronomy and magical air that makes it unique. An authentic orchard of life in the Atlantic Ocean as well as being a Unesco Biosphere Reserve and possessing the largest emerging volcanic crater in the world. We are talking about a young island that in proportion to its height and surface is considered one of the steepest on Earth.

El Hierro

Declared as a natural biosphere reserve, El Hierro is definitely a tourist destination for anyone. Its elegant combination of large forests of various species of plants and trees, the volcanic soil and its incredible crystalline and heavenly waters, make El Hierro an exclusive place to visit. An island of the most comfortable to visit, not only thanks to its small size, but also thanks to the kindness of its people.

La Graciosa

A small, manageable, quiet island with natural attractions beyond doubt. It is the smallest island of the archipelago with only 29 km². A paradise of virgin beaches of rough waters, where there are no paved roads and where its intact sea beds invite you to know first hand everything that makes it unique and charming. An island that lives in perfect harmony with its natural environment.